Novelty Woods. Reclaimed Wood with Personality for your Gathering Places

A home or business is where memories are made and kept. We admire America's architectural heritage with every barn and structure. Every structure has a story and we hope you become part of preserving wood from the past. Every board’s unique dimensions, cut grain and color offer a one-of-a-kind look for remodeling projects large and small.

Our wood is different. Not just from the wood itself, but how we carefully hand disassemble every board and nail. The process is important and you’ll see in our selection. If your vision has personality, come see our variety of reclaimed wood in our warehouse or showroom that includes artisan hand-forged metal hinges, handles, to name a few. Come set your eyes and hands-on America’s architectural heritage at our location in downtown Commerce Georgia.

Put your personal signature on your project from Novelty Woods located in downtown Commerce Georgia and bring a friend! As always, no appointment is necessary.