Distinctive Character of hand-hewn and rough-saw

Beams provide the main structure of timber for barns commonly harvested near the site of the building. Old-growth wood is cut from America’s virgin forests where the slow growth rate produced trees with tightly packed growth rings for extra durability. As you probably know, old-growth timber is becoming harder to find.

When searching for wood beams that fit your project, consider the right color, texture, grain and size. Colors varieties include weathered gray, browns, white-washed, golden honey or re-saw. Various textures from old-growth wood axe-cuts and hand-hewn craftsmanship to drought-saw beams are one-of-a-kind pieces and come in various lengths.

Re-sawn beams in our showroom and warehouse have multiple repurposing uses like furniture, cabinetry, millwork, and flooring. There is always something new to discover and hope you enjoy their authentic beauty. If you have kids, bring them along to learn more about the wood that built America!